Beautiful love poems for her

Sunday, 27 October 2013  at 22:30
1. It's crazy how I'm engulfed in dreams all day long,
My heart just bursts into a love song,
You mean everything to me and I want you to know,
My love is genuine, it's not a show.
I need you till the end of my days,
So never let go, be with me always.
Beautiful love poems for her and him
Beautiful love poems for her
2. Love is like an ocean I dreaded and had never been in before ,
Now I'm so sunk in it, I cannot reach the shore,
You taught me to trust, you taught me to love,
You were so patient and gentle like a dove,
I'm happy I'm in love with the best person I could meet,
To me you are life's greatest treat.

Beautiful love poems for her

3. I don't know how time passes by when I'm with you,
The moments we are together seems so few.
When you touch me my heart begins to race,
My mind goes wandering into space.
I love the warmth of your palms,
I wish I could live forever in your arms.

4. You’re beautiful my love, my only one,
Among all others you shine bright like the sun,
I can't imagine living without you,
I need you till my whole life is through.
Will I hurt you? The answer is never
I want to stay in love with you forever.

5. You are a blessing in my life,
You help me forget all violence and strife,
You support me and lead me foreword,
Your love is amazing like the fairy-tales I have heard,
I could be blessed with so much love I can't imagine,
To hurt you my beloved would be my greatest sin.

6. I cherish the time I spend with you,
You fill me with joy and drive away the blues,
You are my best friend and my soul mate,
To spend my life with you I can’t wait,
You understand me like no one else can,
In my life you'll be the only man.

7.  I love you not only from my heart but also from my mind,
To be with you a number of reasons I can find,
You are special and I want you to know,
A glimpse of heaven to me you show.

All of these poems have been written by Patricia D'souza. Please comment and let us know if you liked them.
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