Nice love quotes for her

Monday, 8 July 2013  at 18:44
When you are lost and lonely, ask your heart what it really wants and it will answer you in a heartbeat.
~ Mirage Ponds
Nice love quotes for her
Nice love quotes for her
Millions of people search for love and only few happen to find it. Many search for it and many others work hard for it. Some spend money and some sweat it out in the gym but only few find true love.
~ Trinidad Lawson

Are you confused about your love for her? If yes
talk to her. Conversations are the best way to understand whether you like, hate, dislike or truly love a person.
~ Puma Morale

Love is truly the instrument of the heart. It is the way for humans to communicate. Though words may be spoken from the mouth but they always flow with love from the heart.
~ Jean Stocks

When you fall in love don't make the mistake of hiding it from the person that you really love. Many have done so and found out that they did not take the opportunity when they had it.
~ Falcon Beans

Feelings are the language of love and they speak the perfect words. You do not need to force a move but just let it flow like it should.
~ Dins-om Robe

Love is a blessing that few people enjoy in life. Time is going by and days are turning into years. The faster you turn a crush into romance, the longer you will enjoy love.
~ Farrell Williams

Love does not ask for money or gold. It does not seek mindless pleasures. Love is good and pure and is not to be confused with lust.
~ Robbie Trolls

Going by the heart means taking decisions based on what you feel. Your mind may process love as something else but feelings are instinctive and take you where you are supposed to go.
~ Melody Calms

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How to write nice quotes for her?
Writing nice quotes are is not so hard if you put your heart and mind to it. Quotes are just one liners which flow freely All you need to do is have patience and bare a few points in mind.

1. Personalize them:
Make sure that you are writing to them with a lot of emotions in mind. There are several ways to write but not all will give you the desired results. Writing is an art and with love it can be executed to perfection.

2. Write it again:
Though you may not get it right the first time, have patience. Steadily as you write over and over again you will see that you can write well and then you will see that your love appreciates it too.

3. Try one in the comments:
If you do not try now you may not stay motivated. Drop a comment now and let the world know that you are ready to make it.

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