True Love Quotes For Her

Monday, 24 June 2013  at 10:21
I cannot forget your smile, I cannot forget your kindness. I cannot remember anything that went wrong, I cannot remember any flaw. True love makes everything perfect.
~ John Pike
True Love Quotes For Her
True Love Quotes for her
Even if I was lost in a desert and could not find my way out, my
mind and heart would manage to find the strength to write and express how much I truly love you.
~ Faye Robust

True Love Quotes For Her

One day we will be there waiting for the bouquets and the sweet cakes. There will be wine and champagne too. One of the most beautiful days of our lives. The day when we get married.
~ Mike Butler

The world is waiting for more of love and less of hatred. There are people who starve for love every single day. you could have a big house and a car but without peace and true love, there is nothing that can satisfy.
~ Steve Bunny

We do not know about our last day on this planet. All we know of are the people whom we love and the things that matter to us the most. Let's not waste time and lets truly love the dear ones.
~ Ron Lopez

You get me go so lost with your love thoughts that I do not know anymore where I am. I day dream about you and I dream about you at nights too. I love you truly and you are mine.
~ Sheila Winster

The love we share is one in a million because it took me so much of searching to find a gem like you. A man truly in love once and that time has now arrived in my life with you.
~ Bella Ortiz

It is rare to find a companion and it is ever more rare that you find a friendship that lasts. But then it is true love that is the most precious of them all and must be valued like the choicest pearls.
~ Willy Oahu

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How to write True Love Quotes for her?

Writing a message or a quote for your wife, fiance or girlfriend can be very fulfilling. They find that sweet and will remember it at least temporarily. Writing should come from the heart and it should melt the person for whom it is written. Here are three points that you could keep in mind.

1. Research or write from experience:
Your own past experiences will be you greatest benefactors. With them in mind you can pen down a beautiful quote or message and make your counter part feel just perfect.

2. Add emotions:
Let the one liner or the paragraph not be dry or plain. It could be as good as wasted. make sure that you add words which invoke emotions in the person you are writing for and you will see that it achieves the goal of making them feel that you truly love them.

3. Write one in the comments:
Anyone can write well if they spend some time and use their intellect. It does not need to be mind blowing at the first try. Write one in the comments and it will be read by thousands who visit this site. Please also like our Facebook page or subscribe to emails to get latest quotes in your inbox for free.

Have a great day!

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