Romantic Love Quotes for Her

Saturday, 6 April 2013  at 18:14
Below are some romantic love quotes for her collected from all over the internet so that you can say exactly what you feel to your lover who could be your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her

Romantic Love Quotes for Her
Romantic Love Quotes
You make my living worth-while. You enlighten my days and make them so bright. You are my angel
with whom I wish to be with forever. You are a treasure of a lifetime.
~ Julius Brown

Your charm and beauty is one among a million. I desire nobody
but you. You light the spark within me and make me feel as good as new. You’re my only one and I want you to know that till the end of my days I will love you.
~ Nathan Wood

The warmth of your touch I cherish. I need you besides me my love. To know that you are there for me
makes me feel at ease. My darling loving you I will never cease.
~Tim Roberts

You are my sunrise. Your smile lights up my world. I could give anything just to see you happy. True love is not in getting things from others but in giving and sharing more and more.
~William Bernhardt

Come to me my love, let me be your hiding place. When things get tough let me be your shelter. I
promise to be true and love you like no one ever has.
~ James Samson

Love birds never separate and they say birds of a feather flock together. Even animals and birds know the language of love. Love is all abounding and romance is a beautiful part of it.
~ Melba Strauss

If there is anything that I do for you when you are away, then it is to think about you...dream about you and miss you badly.
~ Lorna Zoe

I have a reason why I love you and it is connected to beauty. I love you not because you possess beauty but because after coming into my life, you have turned my life into beauty.
~ Warner Sue

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how cool our relationship is. We laugh, we have fun and still love each other so deeply. I really hope with all my heart that I never have to live without you.
~ Gillian Bounty

I think its been a long time since I told you how precious you are to me. This relationship means so much to me and I would never give up on it no matter what. I truly love you with all my heart.
~ Cornelius Don

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Romantic quotes advice
You don't need to be a millionaire to be romantic nor is being romantic a difficult task. Here are some simple ways to show your romance to your loved one.
1. Make things personal to them. Whether it is a song or a card or a love letter, make it personal to what they feel. General quotes and messages can be picked from anywhere but a making it personal and direct to them is very important.
2. Humor is another thing that always works well with people. Once you identify the kind of humor that she likes you should try and slip it in once in a while. Women find men with humor very attractive.
3. Remember all the important days like birthdays and anniversaries and wish important people in their life if that is not too intruding to them. They will know how special you think he or she is and always value you.
4. Remember that a song, a poem, a YouTube video or anything of that sort will go a long way in building a healthy romantic life between you and her.
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abhisek mohapatra said...

When U R Alone & Smile For No
People Think U R Crazy
They Never Know
It's The Real Smile With Sweetest
With Someone In Thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You are my sunrise. Your smile light up my world. I could give anythin just to see you happy.
True love i not in getting things from others bu in giving and sharing more and

Anonymous said...

Saying " I love you " may seems like a song, yet its a song but that comes deeply from my heart. Someone can buy you diamond ring and all I can do is to give you heart of love.. I love you. - Freeman