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Monday, 14 July 2014  at 19:08
Even the poorest person in life can enjoy a good laugh. If you find someone without luxuries in life, but you make them laugh and smile, then you have given them a special gift.
~ Marilyn Garrett
live love laugh quotes
Live life to the fullest

I have found that life is too short to live with constant regrets. Always love the people who treat you well and forget about those who don't.
~ Jamie Smith

Your soul-mate is the person in your life

Love is quotes

Monday, 7 July 2014  at 18:17
I love you no matter what. There is nothing in this world that can change how I feel. Forever is not enough to express my love for you.
~ Cynthia Bryce
Love quotes and sayings
Love is quotes
You make me feel like I am the greatest person alive. Your love is sweeter than honey and more fantastic than aged wine. Your love is beautiful to me.
~ Meredith Blake

I am forever grateful that I have met you. Your love overwhelms me and I am enraptured by your feelings towards me. May we never part and as long as there is breath in me I will love you the same.
~ Amanda Ferguson

I cannot believe how lucky

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Monday, 23 June 2014  at 17:01
Every time I set my eyes on you, everything around me including my smile feels better and brighter. It is this feeling that I live for.
~ Angela Mitchel
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Cheesy love quotes
Your love puts a lovely glow on my face showers an incredible feeling of comfort all over me. It creates a billion memories of you in my spirit and leaves my soul yearning for your passion.
~ Sandra Knowles

Lets play cat and mouse. I will chase you,scare you,bully you and I will do everything to make run to and from me, but I won't ever live way from you or without you
~ Sidney Clara

I still cannot

Cute love quotes for him

Monday, 16 June 2014  at 19:07
Need you say that you love me? No, your actions say it all. When I'm happy, it is because of you. When I am sad, you curse the gloom away. When am down, just the sight of you raises my spirit. The warmth of your love brings me to life.
~ Patty Klein
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Each day you amaze me a little more. You amaze me by the fact that you loved me, you love me and continue to give me an assurance that you will not stop loving me. Here is my promise to you, I also love you and will love you till forever goes and comes back again.
~ Vicky Mason

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